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Vela Media’s mission is to enhance communication by providing content and improving the ways that content is used and operated.

Vela Media provides content and services to other media companies. At present we are specializing in print media and are supplying content to newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. Among our clients are

As a privately held company, Vela is able to make bold moves and lead the way in new strategies and ideas to help media companies thrive in the entertainment and informative industry.



The goal is to promote literacy among Spanish language readers and bridge the world of Spanish and English literature.

While for the moment our focus is print media and namely Spanish and bilingual media our services apply to the whole spectrum of media. This allows Vela Media to serve Spanish print media in a more effective way, with the benefit of knowing that more variety and better services will come.

Vela Media is a growing company and the opportunities to serve the media and publishing industries are endless, yet we are here to meet them.